Global Virtual Big Latch On

In New Zealand in 2005 the first Big Latch On event took place. Ever since then it has grown, taking place all over the world. To find out more about The Global Big Latch On and register, why not visit their website here.

For three days during world breastfeeding week, Mums of all backgrounds gather to latch on their children at the same time. Newborns, toddlers or older. One child or two. Whether they are exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively pumping or combi-feeding.

These events can take place anywhere, and range from a small gathering to a large celebration picnic. You can see pictures from our previous events in our gallery.

This year, due to COVID-19 The Global Big Latch On is going VIRTUAL. So even though we can not celebrate with you all in person, we intend to make the event just as memorable.

big latch on

Do you want to find out more or take part? Visit our Big Latch On page and join the event. We plan on making it just as big as our previous events. Not being able to meet in person will not stop us.

We will have so much going on during the day, with a raffle, giveaway and more.

Join us and help to normalise breastfeeding. Help us to celebrate the wonderful breastfeeding journeys of all you amazing mummas.