Breastfeeding Celebration Week

This week we are celebrating breastfeeding in many ways. So far we have celebrated the incredible mums who gave birth during or just before lockdown, the courage and strength they have shown in such incredibly difficult times.

We have also celebrated the amazing diversity that our charity has. These wonderful words by Elle Crouch one of the BMM social media team about the WE ARE FAMILY collage:

“Diversity. Something no one should ever shy away from – we are all so different, and that is something we should ALL be so proud of.

You may see this as a collection of mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, families.

We see you. We see the single mother, the same sex couples, the mother of 2 under 2, the families of one child, the blended families, the families of step parents and step children, mothers suffering from chronic illness, the parents sadly missing a child and parenting after a loss, the grandparents playing a key role in their grandchildren’s lives, the parents who are still learning to speak English, the children from different racial backgrounds to their friends at school, the families who adopt. We see everyone.

How lucky are we to be part of something so beautiful, that can bring people of all backgrounds and homes together, supporting in the best way we can.

We are the BMM family and we are so incredibly grateful of all our members 💞”

Thank you to all who gave their words and images to our campaign, you are awesome xx