BMM 1000km 2 weeks in

Here we are!

Two weeks into our 1000km fundraiser for BMM and we’re 92% towards our target, which is amazing. Thank you to all those that have donated.

If you would like to donate to our charity, then please click here. We thank you in advance.

We thought it would be nice to catch up with some of the ladies participating and see how they are feeling two weeks in.

Georgina Simpson is the charity founder and chair. She has been looking for a way to become healthier and get the boys our of the house. She says “It was too easy to become stagnant during lockdown so this was the perfect reason.”

Her husband has been incredible helpful as she is unable to pick up the children, “On the really long walks I need his help alot. He has thrown himself into it 100%, I am so proud and grateful for him.”

“I am very proud of myself and enjoying finding all these beautiful walks around the county which we have never been before.” Georgina has been completing her walks with her two young boys and husband in toe. Getting the whole family involved exploring nature.

Boy with bikeBrothers

Since starting the 1000km challenge Georgina has noticed that her appetite has changed, “We stop for a snack break half way through, and I have a granola bar. I wouldn’t usually eat till the late afternoon.” 

Who doesn’t love a good snack when on a long walk in the country?

Georgina says that the walking is definitely something she will keep up after July. She is enjoying getting out 4 or 5 times a week.

“It’s great for the boys to blow off some steam running around!” We hear you, trying to wear out young children in this lock down has not been easy.


Next up is Tessa.

She is new to the BMM family, but has been coming to meets for a long time. With everything that is happening with COVID-19 Tessa has yet to host her own meet.


“The charity really is so helpful to so many families and I wanted to help. I haven’t been able to host a meet yet, so this is going someway to help instead.”

Two weeks in Tessa is feeling good, she says “It is making me more active and is great for the mental health. Even a short walk blows the cobwebs away if it’s been a home day.” We fully understand when she adds that she is not keen on the rainy day walks. She’s been wanting to get more active and has been enjoying planning the route each day. 

One thing that has amazed her while doing all this walking, is how far her 20 month old, Barney, has been able to walk. Once this month is over, Tessa hopes to keep up with the daily walks.


It looks like a lot of the ladies taking part have been taking their children on these walks. With everything that is going on, I guess this makes a lot of sense. It gets the family out and about, burns off that excess energy and raises money for charity. There are plenty of wonderful places in Norfolk to go for some much needed fresh air, and it look like our ladies have been hunting down some great places. We’re seeing a lot of green in the lovely pictures they have shared with us.


Next up is Susie, who enjoys a team challenge, and “the kick up the bum to do some exercise is good too!”

Susie is feeling great 2 weeks in. “I am very impressed with myself that I have managed to do so many runs, having not run since pre-baby!” Susie does not think she will carry on running after July, however “It has inspired me to mend my bike, and I am enjoying biking my toddler instead of driving, so hopefully I’ll keep that up.”

Susie admits that she is a fan of eating nutella out of the jar, which we can’t fault her for. That stuff is delicious.


Last on our list is Emily Scully.

Two weeks in and Emily is feeling Fab! “I love walking and I’m super lucky to have the beach to clock my kms on” Well Emily, we’re definitely jealous you have the beach on your doorstep. A good paddle in the sea is a great way to end a long walk for charity. 

Emily started slimming world the month before taking part in the 1000km challenge and had this to say, The walking has really helped keep me focused and added to some extra weight loss – win win!” 

It seems that for a few of our ladies the walking has not only helped them physically but also mentally. For Emily, a keen walker, this has made her want to carry on getting out for a daily walk after July. This has helped me realise that even a little 2km stroll can clear my mind, give me some energy and chill me out for the rest of the days challenges.” 


When asked why she chose to take part she said, “I love a fund raiser, it’s for a fantastic cause, and having only just recently joined the charity I thought it would help me get to know some of the hosts better. The group chat has been wonderful! What a fantastic bunch of women.”

There you have it. It seems that this fundraiser has not only been an amazing help to the charity, but also to the wonderful women taking part. If you would like to donate to this great cause then please follow the link here.

If you would like to know more about the charity and what we do, before donating then have a nosy around. I recommend you start here. You will soon see that the work we do is of great benefit to mums in Norfolk and we want to keep going and keep helping.


Your breastfeeding journey should NEVER be a lonely one.