BMM Meeting Not meeting at present

Thetford ECFS

IP24 3DY

First Tuesday of the month
Next meeting: Tuesday, 5 October 2021 at 10:30

About the meeting

Join me and Beatrix for a drink and a biscuit/ cake. I am an enthusiastic baker and happy to take requests. Let me know if there are any dairy free mumma’s coming and I’ll make sure you have a treat as well! There are plenty of toys to entertain preschoolers and toddlers as well as sensory items for babies, all to keep them occupied so you can relax and enjoy yourself! Unfortunately there is no hot drinks in the centre.

About your host

I’m Emily and am really looking forward to hosting a regular meet in Thetford, I know the meets there have been really popular and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new mums!

If you are worried about coming along, I’m very happy to meet anyone on their own before the meet starts, just send me a message.

How to find us

Me and Bea will be inside, on a room to your left (just past the toilets) although if you are worried about finding me drop me a message when you might be arriving and I can meet you by the front doors. We’ll be in the side building (in the middle of the car park). The children’s centre is at Kingsway, near to the Queensway schools, it’s a one way system but you can’t fail to see us on your left just after the garage


There is plenty of parking both in the main car park and along the road.


There’s room for a few buggies, especially if the weather is okay and we can park them up directly outside our room in a private courtyard.

Your host

Emily Hunter

Emily HunterHost, South

Name and Role – Emily, host

Location – South Norfolk

Length of breastfeeding – 15 months

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – it solves everything! Bored- boob, tired-boob, hungry-boob, upset-boob!

Bio – Hello everyone, I’m Emily and this is my little person Beatrix (or Buzzy as we like to call her). We’ve now been boobing for 16 months, and I am so grateful! We had tongue tie to begin with but to be honest it definitely wasn’t the physical side of breastfeeding I found difficult but the impact emotionally.
I was breastfed till I was 3, and my mum always said how wonderful, easy and magical it was so I naturally expected the same for my journey! However Bea was a fussy feeder, frequently rejecting feeds or not feeding for long periods of time like most of my friends “booby monsters”. I found this very challenging and spilled many tears about why my journey was as peaceful and relaxing as all those other mummies (turns out she was frequently overtired and hyper-stimulated and once I sorted that out we were fine!)
Bea was/ is a small baby. It frequently knocked my confidence and made me question my milk making ability when people told me how petite she was, and I constantly wondered if I was enough (I am and she’s just going to be small like me!)
I had wonderful support from this group, my mum and a close friend who shared with me her “don’t give up on a bad day” mantra which really saw us through the tougher times, and now I want to support others as I am so passionate about breastfeeding!
When we’re not boobing we love being outdoors, walking our dog, LOTS of messy play and our cloth nappies. I’m going to be hosting a monthly meet at Thetford Children’s Centre so I hope you can come and join me soon. I love baking so I am hoping to bring along some homemade treats (requests welcome!)