BMM Meeting Not meeting at present

Roots Cafe

Wymondham Baptist Church
Queen Street
NR18 0AY

Third Friday of the month
Next meeting: Friday, 19 August 2022 at 10:00

About the meeting

Brief description of the meet – Roots is a volunteer run friendly community cafe. It’s in a massive room, with lots of toys, space for older babies to play and cheap, tasty food and drinks. Meets will be friendly and relaxed.

There is a toilet with baby change. And did I mention that the cake is delicious?!

About your host

We will sit at a table at the far end of the hall (near the toys). I’ll be there with my toddler, Theo. You’ll spot us easily because we’re usually dressed in rainbows (plus my BMM hoodie, of course).

If you are worried about coming along, I’m very happy to meet anyone on their own before the meet starts, just send me a message.

How to find us

Roots is signposted from Wymondham High Street, between Paper Wishes and Marmalade Tree.


Use one of the Wymondham pay and display car parks. Market Street Car Park is closest. It’s free for the first hour and £1 per hour after that.


Loads of room, no steps and always a volunteer to help carry your tray.

Your host

Susie Heritage

Susie HeritageHost, South

Name and Role – Susie, host

Location – South Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 19 months so far

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – It’s the most cheap, convenient and eco-friendly food ever!

Bio – Hi! I’m Susie and I’m Mum to my 19 month old, Theo. He’s a non-sleeping, non-stop, independent bundle of energy and I spend most of my time stopping him killing himself! Breastfeeding gives us both a much-needed rest, although these days he’s only interested in it when he’s tired. We were lucky enough to have a physically easy breastfeeding journey, and he’s always latched and gained weight well. But emotionally and mentally I have found it much harder (mainly lack of sleep, not being able to have a break, always ‘touched out’) and I suffered from PND when he was younger. I’m very grateful to BMM for being a virtual shoulder to cry on many times. I live in Wymondham so am planning to organise at monthly meet here. Theo and I love being outside so we will hopefully organise some outdoor meets too.