BMM Meeting Not meeting at present

Drayton ECFS

School Road

Fourth Friday of the month
Next meeting: Friday, 23 October 2020 at 09:30

About the meeting

Join us for a relaxed and friendly session with breastfeeding peer support and a chance to meet other mums and have a chat. Breastfeeding should never be lonely. There will also be free soft drinks and treats!

You’re welcome to come along at any time during the session – it’s really informal. Older siblings are also welcome and there is a selection of toys for different ages.

Meetings will be on the fourth Friday of each month from 9.30-11.30 – hope to see you there!

About your host

I’m Georgina, you’ll find me wearing my BMM jacket! I have two energetic boys, Freddie who is 6 and Tobias who is 3, both will be at school or nursery so I am hands free to help you in any way including making you a drink or holding bub so you can chill!

If your anxious about attending I will be there from just after 9 so pop along early!

How to find us

The Children’s Centre is next to the Infant school and Childerwood Nursery. It has a path from the road to follow straight to the entrance


There’s no parking on site for visitors but you can park on School Road (Should be quite quiet at this time as the school run would have ended.


There is space inside the entrance for buggies but not in the room where we meet so please remove any valuables and bring them in with you, car seats are fine to carry in if preferred.

Your host

Georgina Simpson

Georgina SimpsonBoard member, Host, North, Norwich and Outskirts

Name and role – Georgina, host, founder and Charity Chair

Location – Norwich and North Norfolk

Length breastfeeding – 4 months and 18 months

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – Getting away with “oh I’m sorry I can’t do that right now I’m feeding!”

Bio – Hi, I’m Georgina and I started BMM in 2017 for two reasons, to stop mums isolating themselves which is too easily done! And to gather all the breastfeeding mum’s together in one place as a source of knowledge and experience!

I have 6yr old Freddie who’s breastfeeding journey was very short from the dreaded top-up trap at 4months and Tobias who self-weaned at 18 months due to lengthy hospital visits and is now 3. I am proud to have breastfed through Crohns related procedures, chemo based and biological treatments so understanding the importance of knowing about drugs in breastmilk. BMM has been a lifeline for me in making new friends and learning the incredible things women can do when they support each other.

For my paid job I work for CallEEast as a call handler for East Anglian Ambulance Service; commonly known as Medicom! I am a certified crazy cat lady, although my husband will only let me have one, I’d happily fill the house with moggies! I host meets mainly in North Norwich but will go anywhere for cake!