BMM Meeting Not meeting at present

North Walsham ECFS

1 Manor Road
North Walsham
NR28 9LE

Second Thursday of the month
Next meeting: Thursday, 14 January 2021 at 10:30

About the meeting

Come and say hi at our monthly North Walsham meet. It’s a great venue with lots to keep little ones busy for varying ages while we offer you peer support about feeding and anything else you would like to talk about. There are cold refreshments provided and always a listening ear.

About your host

We are Rachael and Jessy, we usually host the meet together as its so busy and with a huge amount of combined experience you can guarantee one of us can help! We are able to signpost you to further help, provide information or just listen whilst you talk, sometimes that’s all you need!

If you are worried about coming along,we are happy to meet anyone on their own before the meet starts, just send us a message!

How to find us

It is on the same site as the Infant School, we are the building located to the back of the staff car park.


The building has no visitor car park but there is free parking all along the roads nearby.

Your host

Rachael Miller

Rachael MillerHost, North

Name and Role – Rachael, host

Location – North Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 13 months and 17 months with no sign of stopping!

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – the cuddles, the snuggles, the closeness. Oh and those conversations she has with me when having a feed, while her little hand is tapping on my chest.

Bio – Hi Mummas. My name is Rachael and I’m mummy to 3 year old Chester and 7 month old Sophie. I’m currently on maternity leave but will be returning to my job as a part time primary school teacher in September.
I breastfed Chester until he had his first try of cows milk from a bottle at about 14 months. Sophie is still breastfed. We have had a few challenges along the way, especially at the start, but we worked through them and I’m really pleased that we did.
I’m so excited to become a part of this amazing charity. Breastfeeding is hard and there are so many anxieties that mum’s have surrounding it. It’s so sad that some mums decide not to try because they feel like they won’t be able to do it or feel they need to stop because they haven’t been given advice or support . More support is needed and that’s why I feel really passionate about this charity and what it represents. Plus, breastmilk is amazing and the fact that we produce this magical stuff just fascinates me really.
I will be arranging meets around North Walsham, Aylsham, Wroxham and along the coast and they will most probably involve cake.
I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of lovely families and offering any advice or support where I can.

Jessy Baker

Jessy BakerHost, North

Name and Role – Jess, host

Location – North Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – In all I’ve been breastfeeding on and off for 9 years

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – I love the Bonding, the feeling of closeness, being able to soothe and console, the power that comes from within from knowing what I can truly achieve, the new friends that I have found through breastfeeding support and of course seeing my children thrive.

Bio – Hi my name is Jess I have three daughters age 9,6 and 3 and a one year old son. I have breastfed all of my children but this hasn’t always been an easy ride ,my first seemed hungry all the time and I suffered very sore and chapped nipples due to her teething extremely early without breastfeeding support groups I really feel I would have given up, it was amazing to be around other women who were experiencing the same and speaking to other mums that had been there helped so much! With my third I experienced anti natal depression and again found the breastfeeding support groups amazing and of course the support of the perinatal team were amazing! My son suffered with tongue tie which I had never experienced before and talking to other mums I really supported as it was a worrying time with little one not gaining weight as quickly as expected. I decided to join Breast feeding mum meets as I knew the importance of the existence of these groups through all my breastfeeding journeys and I really wanted to support other mums. Every breastfeeding journey is different, and we are all still learning every day. Nobody knows what to expect and I fully support making it a norm to feed in public. I have experienced a lot of difficulties, but the rewards are so amazing!