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Our trustees

Cat Forsyth

Cat ForsythBoard member, Host, Norwich and Outskirts

Name and Role – Cat, Charity Trustee and mums-only-nights-out host

Bio – Hi I’m Cat, mum to Oliver (5) step-mum to Ella (13).

My personal experience to breastfeeding is limited but have learnt so much from helping at meets and on the page that I have been able to give peer support for many years. I help with big events such as the Big Latch On and at meets I’m there to help everyone in any way I can. From a listening ear, sharing information, holding babies so mum can have a bit of hands free time, engaging with older siblings to take the pressure of the mums, anything to make it easier for our members! I have also been assisting with various behind the scenes things such as arranging and making donation boxes, linking with several businesses for contributions and advertising and helping with the planning of each years Global Big Latch On (the biggest event in the breastfeeding calendar!).

I am planning to host mum-nights-out which will hopefully be happening towards the end of the year.


Elle Crouch

Elle CrouchBoard member, Host, West

Name and role – Elle, host, social media programmer and Charity Trustee

Location – West Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 2 years and still going

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – guilt free snacks and midnight cuddles!

Bio – Hi, I’m Elle! I live in Downham Market, I’m a stay at home mum for my 2 year old George who is a crazy little wild child, my partner, my dog and two guinea pigs. My partner has two older children also, so come the weekends our house gets very busy! George is still breastfeeding and I love being part of BMM. When I was pregnant, I didn’t attend any classes and if I’m honest I jumped into the labour/baby being here feet first into the dark! I did a lot of googling about breastfeeding when pregnant though and decided I would ‘give it a try’. From having a new born, I went through all the doubts every new mum does – do I have enough milk? Is he fussy because he’s hungry? Should I be topping up with formula? Should I wean at a point, so I don’t create a bad habit? All these questions were answered, and doubts squashed by the amazing host team for BMM and it was that support which made me want to give back to others with them. I am now confident in giving support with all those doubts I once felt and completely understand where they come from! The lack of support in the area is sad, and it’s a shame more mums aren’t informed from the start about the importance of not just breastfeeding the first few weeks but also in long term feeding too! Regardless of the lack of support for feeding in our more rural villages and towns, it’s lovely to feel our group is that little ray of sunshine in rural west Norfolk!

Jemma Jermy

Jemma JermyBoard member, Host, Norwich and Outskirts

Name and Role – Jemma, Co-Chair and host

Location – Norwich and Outskirts

Length of time breastfeeding – 2.5yrs and counting

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – solves all problems. Hungry-boob hurt-boob tired-boob.

Bio – I am Jemma. I am Vice Chair of Breastfeeding Mum Meets, as well as host for the Norwich area. I help run our social media with a few of our wonderful hosts.

My breastfeeding monster is nearly three years old. I never had a target when I started feeding, I just knew I wanted to breastfeed. It has not always been an easy journey. As he had gotten older and able to access the breast himself, it can get a little much. Touched out.

I wanted to breastfeed for many reasons. I knew it was the best for my child, but it was also a lot more convenient. No bottles, no making formula and no extra washing up. Breastfeeding also makes going on holiday or traveling, so much easier. No need to pack anything extra or worry about where you will buy it from when you get to your destination.

Being the only one to be able to sooth or feed Nathan has had its difficulties, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Nothing worth doing is easy, and the bond we have is amazing. Our breastfeeding journey has been a wonderful experience.

Nathan makes me proud every day.

I joined breastfeeding mum meets because I have a passion for breastfeeding, and I want to help as many people as possible with their journey. Help them to overcome obstacles, make informed choices and most of all cherish every moment.

I want society to teach young girls the power of their bodies, what is normal and what they are capable of. The more they see people breastfeeding the more normal it will become. Society needs to respect a women’s bodies and what they are capable of, but more than that society need to respect what a woman chooses to do with her body.

Breast is not best. Fed is a necessity. Informed is best.

And it is about time women were informed.

Katie Makepeace

Katie MakepeaceBoard member, East, Host

Name and Role – Katie, host

Location – East Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 3 yrs 3 months (so far!)

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – The closeness, knowing I’m giving my children the best start in life and it literally solves all problems (hungry, tired, upset etc)

Bio – Hi I’m Katie. I have 2 beautiful daughters, Willow who is 3 years old and Poppy who is 7 months old.
When we’re not at playgroups we like doing arts and crafts at home and playing in the garden.
When I get 5 mins to myself I enjoy reading, sketching and eating
I had a lot of issues in the early weeks with Willow, such as bad latch, sore blistered nipples and due to lack of knowledge about cluster feeding we got caught in the top up trap for a while. If it hadn’t been for both face to face and online support then I wouldn’t still be feeding, so I understand the huge impact this support has on people’s breastfeeding journeys.
I am currently tandem feeding both girls, something I never thought I would do. I fed through pregnancy and battled through aversion.
I’m so passionate about breastfeeding and I’m looking forward to meeting mums and hope to help anyone who is experiencing issues and offer guidance and support. You’ll find me at meets in the East of Norfolk covering Great Yarmouth and the surrounding villages. Hope to see you soon

Lara Morris-Hatch

Lara Morris-HatchBoard member, Host, North

Name and role – Lara. Charity Treasurer and host

Location – North Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 1 year with first and about to have my second

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – excuse to do literally nothing but put your feet up and watch TV whilst feeding!

Bio – Hi I’m Lara mum to Felix and currently pregnant with my second child. I breastfed Felix until his first birthday and am hoping to feed this one at least as long if not more! I am one of the charity trustees and host in north Norfolk. If I ever get a free moment I enjoy taking part in my local pantomime group and watching rubbish TV! I joined breastfeeding mum meets back when my son was 4 months old so nearly 2 and half years ago! I mainly did it to meet other like minded women and to get out the house! Oh and to have an excuse to eat lots of cake. Looking forward to meeting some of you at meets in the future!

Milli Hesketh

Milli HeskethBoard member, Host, West

Name and Role – Milli, Co-Chair and host

Location and role – West Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 3.25 years

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – Convenience (it’s ready anytime anywhere, at the perfect temperature and consistency, with no special equipment needed👌🏻). That, and that fact that it’s just magic!!

Bio – I’m Milli, I’m currently breastfeeding my second baby after feeding my son for over three years. I am a doctor, and also teach Anatomy to medical students. When my first was born I was disappointed by the complete lack of breastfeeding support in my area, so I am very glad to have the opportunity to help other women through Breastfeeding Mum Meets. My favourite thing about breastfeeding is how convenient it is – it’s ready any time anywhere, at the perfect temperature and consistency, with no special equipment needed! That, and the fact that it’s just magic, and has so many benefits for mothers and their babies, as well as for wider society and for the environment. My main hobbies are coffee, going to the park, and finding out how little sleep I need to function – often all three together! When I have time, I also enjoy gardening, sewing and playing the piano. I’m based in Downham Market and am head BMM host for the West Norfolk area. I currently host regular BMM meets in Downham and Wereham, as well as supporting online via the BMM Facebook group. I have completed the ABM Mother Supporter course, and also the UNICEF Management of Breastfeeding training.

Natalie Marczewski

Natalie MarczewskiBoard member, Host, North

Name and Role – Natalie, host

Location – North Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – I feed Fred for 10 months, Mabel 18 months and still feeding Edith who is 10 weeks.

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – the closeness and it’s something only I can do for my children/babies!

Bio – Hi my names Natalie, I have 3 children. Fred is 7 and I fed him for 10 months, we had a tricky start due to tongue tie and reflux, Mabel is 4 and I fed her for 18 months when she self weaned . Mabel was a dream to feed and was very matter of fact about it. Our newest edition is Edith she is 10 weeks and has been exclusive breastfed and I plan to let her self wean, she would happily be attached to me all day and night! All my children have been such different feeders but I suspect that’s because all have very different personalities!
When I started my journey with Fred I found I got very conflicting advice and had little faith in myself, I want to help people not to feel that way. There seems to be such a limited amount of breastfeeding groups around which I feel is such a shame as I feel any breastfeeding support is worth its weight in gold! Breastfeeding is often not the journey we planned.

Our hosts

Breastfeeding After A Loss Support

Breastfeeding After A Loss SupportHost

Breastfeeding is hard.  Everyone who feeds, whether it is for one feed or for thousands, knows this.  When it is your second, third, fourth or later baby, and a baby before has died, it’s even harder.


The NHS say that 1 in 8 known pregnancies will miscarry.  SANDS say that in 2018 1 in 150 babies died before birth or before they reached 4 weeks old.  Around one third of stillbirths happen after 37 weeks gestation, and stillbirths account for more than half of the deaths of infants under one year in the UK.  Stillbirth is 10 times more common than cot death, yet it is barely talked or known about.  This can make parents feel incredibly isolated, both when they are in the midst of it and in later years when they may have other children to care for.

Every loss is different, and every parent grieves differently, but there tend to be common threads:  You do not trust your body to grow another healthy baby. You might not trust healthcare professionals, especially if your loss is linked to poor advice or poor care. You know that anything might happen, and nothing can be taken for granted. You are paralysed with fear of your next child dying, and this can manifest in many different behaviours. You are terrified of baby groups, of hearing others complain about their baby, or motherhood, or of hearing the dreaded question – is this your first (because how can you answer that when you are in the throes of grief and fear?). You watch your baby like a hawk for any signs of illness, however normal or minor.

There are various organisations that provide support after the death of a baby – Sands, Norfolk Sands (which Carly and Sarah are committee members for), Norfolk and Norwich Baby Bereavement Group, Tommys, Time Norfolk, the CONI scheme.

Along with the existing BMM hosts, Carly and Sarah will be attending special meets and answering your questions and concerns on the Facebook page. We hope to travel around and cover all of Norfolk to make sure nobody is left out and we will be using the Facebook page to find out what you want from our meets and where you need us. The meets are open to anyone who feels they would like the support – so whether your baby died in the first trimester, later in pregnancy or after he or she was born you are welcome to come along

Introduction of two special hosts

A post last year brought to our attention the amount of members of the group who have suffered from infant bereavement. It is a topic which causes pain to many of us and sadly is not discussed very often. For this reason, we have two incredible ladies to welcome to the hosting team. Both are committee members for the charity Norfolk SANDS (Stillborn and Neonatal Death Society) and have offered their support to help the BMM mums through the additional stresses and concerns which come with having a rainbow baby. Sarah and Carly will be joining our hosts in providing special meets once a month in different localities.


I’m Sarah, known as Sa Greenious on Facebook, mum of two lads.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time crocheting. I like superhero comics, reading and I’m doing my best to reduce our plastic waste. My first boy was born at term in 2014, 2 days after he had died.  When we fell with our second, I was determined to breastfed, and we fed until he was 3 years 3 months.  We had an interesting time of it – small mouth/big boob issues, mastitis, pain, vasospasm, slow weight gain, tongue tie (cut at 5.5 months), stopping feeding then relactating, and aversion.  It was not easy, but I was scared to stop.  Now I really miss it! I was (still am!) so furious at the lack of quality, useful, breastfeeding information given antenatally I decided I wanted to support other parents, especially those also breastfeeding after a loss, so here I am!


My first boy died at 37 weeks after a perfectly normal, low risk, standard healthy pregnancy.  We don’t know why.  We went into the NNUH for a movement check and were told he had died.  We returned 2 days later, I was induced and after a quick and straightforward delivery my beautiful, dark haired, darling son was born. We fell pregnant again a few months later.  After 9 months of hell and weekly checks our rainbow* lad was born healthy and wailing.  The NNUH kept us in for a couple of days to get our confidence up and get feeding established.  Then he got severe jaundice, so we didn’t go   home until day 5.  At 4 weeks we went to our local Sure Start Centre’s breastfeeding group, and that was a lifesaver.  I gradually started chatting to people, I opened to a few about my first, and I made one lifelong friend. I think most mums have worries about breastfeeding, but feeding after a loss gave me some very specific health concerns – is he getting enough (because if he isn’t he will die), if he falls ill will breastmilk be enough to save him (because if not he will die), is it OK to give some formula (because if it fills him up too much he’ll go into a deep sleep and will die from SIDS). These fears gradually abated after the first year, but I continued to find it very difficult to understand that my son would recover from illnesses without breastmilk.  This is part of the reason we fed for so long. But at the same time as putting all my hope in breastmilk, when I see those ‘breastfeeding is my superpower’, ‘Mama knows best’, ‘Trust your Instincts’ memes, I cannot relate because my body and my instincts failed me when my baby died in my womb.  This made mothering a new born rather isolating. My desire to breastfeed was mostly driven from knowledge of the benefits, rather than me enjoying it.  Breastfeeding (indeed any feeding) was (is) such a complicated subject for me. My son had a tongue tie that wasn’t cut until 5.5months. So, feeding hurt all that time, but it was hard for me to push for a referral because I was vulnerable and a mess and really didn’t ever want to go back to the hospital, ever. Those months of pain left me with permanent aversion. I’m glad I fed my rainbow, I’m glad we got to over 3 years, and now I miss it (even though I often found it too much).  I wish there had been loss specific support groups when my second was born, they would have been really helpful to me. That’s why I want to become a BMM host, so other loss mums don’t feel as isolated as I did.


Hi, I’m Carly. I’m a second time Mother to my rainbow baby George who is 20 months old. My daughter Ella would be 3 but was stillborn at full term. After a very difficult and scary start, George has thrived on breast feeding and still shows no signs of wanting to stop. I’m passionate about supporting others to breast feed, and particularly want to offer support to other Mums who are parenting after loss, as I understand the fears and anxieties that come with it. I put my career on hold to be a full time Mum to George, just working a few hours now in the evenings. We spend our time exploring Norfolk and looking for new adventures. He loves the outdoors so  I’m learning to love it too. Fortunately he also shares my love of food, books and crafts (when he sits still long enough) We are looking forward to meeting you all at meets soon!


In the Summer of 2016 I think I was the happiest I’d ever been. I’d left work a couple of weeks before with a boot full of flowers, baby clothes and gifts after a surprise baby shower from my colleagues. We had enjoyed a last holiday and my brother’s wedding, my hospital bag was packed with my little girls first outfit picked out, and I was spending my days relaxing in the sunshine waiting for her arrival. I had loved every minute of being pregnant and had been healthy throughout. Suddenly that all changed, and my world fell apart. Overnight, while I slept, my baby girl died inside me. The nightmare that followed is something I thought I would never go through, nobody thinks the worse will happen to them, bad things happen to other people. The realisation that that isn’t true makes you feel much more vulnerable, aware of your own mortality and particularly that of any future children.  Getting pregnant with George a few months later saved me from the black hole I was falling into. I had become agoraphobic, anxious and scared of the dark. I had made the decision to return to work and try and get myself back to me, and despite panic attacks for the first few weeks, the support of those around me helped me get back to a point where I could consider another baby.  No longer could I allow myself to break. Looking after myself became imperative to looking after my baby. It was a cautious pregnancy, all about survival. I had daily injections and more scans and check-ups than I can count. I chose to be induced at 37 weeks as that was the point, I lost Ella. When George was born healthy, I wasn’t prepared. I had expected the worst again and hadn’t mentally prepared myself for having a living baby to look after and take home. Our breastfeeding journey was a difficult one for the first few months. We were readmitted to the hospital within the first day as he was refusing feeds. He was immediately put on a drip and I felt I’d failed him straightaway. I didn’t trust myself not to kill him. I pleaded with the feeding team for help and we were given 24 hr support to feed every two hours until he was signed off to go home. I became obsessed with whether he was getting enough milk and he was constantly at my breast. I barely left the house, or even the sofa, for months and I never put him down. We struggled with latch and positioning throughout; the struggles of being big breasted. We developed an awkward position requiring a pillow and both hands holding him in place. This made me nervous to leave the house or feed in front of people and it took a long time to gain confidence.  I discovered BMM when George was about 6 months old and wish I’d found them sooner. By then I was a more confident feeder but found support through leaving him for the first time (a huge step for me) and returning to work without having to end our breastfeeding journey. George still feeds at 20 months old and I plan to let himself wean when he’s ready. I’d love to use my experience and newfound confidence to help others, particularly those who have been through loss.  With Sarah, I want to create meets where those of you who are feeding after loss can come together with others who understand. We can talk about our loss, our worries or just about normal everyday Mum and baby stuff without the elephant in the room. A place for understanding, support and gaining confidence as we navigate the scary world of parenting after loss.

*The term rainbow baby means a baby conceived after a loss, i.e. the rainbow at the end of the storm.  They don’t negate the storm, but are a product of it

Carly Walters

Carly WaltersHost, Norwich and Outskirts

Name and Role – Carly, support for mothers after loss.

Area and role – Norwich and Outskirts

Length of time breastfeeding – 2 years and still going.

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – guaranteed cuddles and the way it helps us get through teething and illness.

Bio – Hi, I’m Carly. I’m a second time Mother to my rainbow baby George who is 20 months old. My daughter Ella would be 3 but was stillborn at full term. After a very difficult and scary start, George has thrived on breast feeding and still shows no signs of wanting to stop. I’m passionate about supporting others to breast feed, and particularly want to offer support to other Mums who are parenting after loss, as I understand the fears and anxieties that come with it. I put my career on hold to be a full time Mum to George, just working a few hours now in the evenings. We spend our time exploring Norfolk and looking for new adventures. He loves the outdoors so I’m learning to love it too. Fortunately, he also shares my love of food, books and crafts (when he sits still long enough) We are looking forward to meeting you all at meets soon!

Chrystal Clarke

Chrystal ClarkeHost, South

Name and Role – Chrystal, host

Location – South Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 3 months , 22 months & preparing for baby #3.

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – Being able to take myself and baby away from the chaos of people when you need some space and being able to provide the best nutritions for little one for free.

Bio – Hello, I’m Chrystal. Mum to two little beasties – 8 year old Brandon and 2 year old Poppy, with the third due in May. I only breastfed B for a very short time mainly because I didn’t have the support or information I needed to carry on my breastfeeding journey with a premature baby and reluctantly gave up through sheer confusion and worry. Since having Poppy I have had amazing support from other breastfeeding friends and mums on B.M.M which led me to continue my breastfeeding journey second time round to 22 months – Yay!
I attended my first Breastfeeding Mum Meets at The Big Latch On in August 2018 to gain the confidence to breastfeed outside, after that Poppy and I went from from strength to strength knowing we had a supportive network of like-minded mummas around us. That’s why I decided to become a host for B.M.M in South Norfolk. To be able to be that friendly face, to help others feel confident about feeding in a non- judgemental environment and to get mum’s together to have a good old chatter over a cuppa. Trust me, we need it! Lets normalise breastfeeding. Hope to see you at B.M.M

Courtney Masterson

Courtney MastersonHost, West

Name and Role – Courtney, Host

Area and role – West Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 17 months

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – being able to instantly calm hangry tantrums, especially when out and about.

Bio – I’m Courtney, 23 years old and I’ve been breastfeeding my son, Isaac for 18 months now and have no plans to stop just yet. I’m studying a Master’s degree in English Literature part time, and hoping to continue studying well into the future. Breastfeeding Mum Meets has been such an important part of not only our breastfeeding journey, but also my own personal journey in being a mother. It has meant that we have always had places to go and people to talk to throughout the last 18 months… I have also gained friends as well as a constant support network of other mums throughout any dark times I’ve experienced. It has been so amazing to never have felt alone at any point in my parenting journey. But what is best is that in Spring 2019, I was given the opportunity to volunteer for the charity to help other mums. Being involved with this charity has been life changing for myself and Isaac and we hope to be involved for a long time to come.

Diva Medeiros

Diva MedeirosHost, Norwich and Outskirts

Name and Role – Diva, host

Location – Norwich and Outskirts

Length of time breastfeeding – 1 year (in April)

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – having our special mum/daughter moment when I come home from work.

Bio – Olá everyone,

My name is Diva and I am a host in Drayton, where I live with my husband and daughter.

She was born last April and has been breastfeeding since. At the moment, I’m also using a

breast pump when I’m at work, so she can take her milk at nursery.

From early days I found peer support really important, online and in person. I am

Portuguese (from the Azores) and have lived in England since 2014. I don’t come from a

breastfeeding friendly culture, so I only saw one or two women doing it as I grew up and

that is one of the reasons why I persisted in breastfeeding our daughter. I wanted to have

my own experience and now, more than ever, I understand the importance of information,

respect and support to women who breastfeed. I also know how it feels like to become a

mother far from your family, culture and language.

A little bit more about myself: I am a registered nurse in Norwich and love being outdoors;

going for long walks; reading a book, especially near a fireplace and with a hot drink (very

hygge); having a chat and a good laugh. I really enjoy being part of BMM, because I like to

support other people and help them to create their own “tribe”.

Ebony Smith

Ebony SmithEast, Host

Name and Role – Ebony, host

Location – East Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – Longest has been 3 years

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – I am completely in love with everything about it.. although when they look up at you at smile on the boob is my favourite!

Bio – Hi, I’m Ebony. I am married to my wife, who is my Biggest breastfeeding supporter!
I have 3 daughters who I have breastfed for a minimum of 2 and a half years each, they are now 7, 3 and 10 months, I also have a step son who is 7 and 3 bunny rabbits – so our house is Mayhem but I love it I absolutely love breastfeeding I enjoy helping and encouraging other Mumma’s to breastfeed too! It can be the most amazing experience and its Free (I mean nothing is free nowadays is it?!)
Its not just about nutrition, its the connection, the safety, the love, the healing, the calm..
I’ve experienced tongue tie with my third, her latch wasn’t great and it was painful – that was my most difficult feeding problem other than that I have been very lucky!

Emily Hunter

Emily HunterHost, South

Name and Role – Emily, host

Location – South Norfolk

Length of breastfeeding – 15 months

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – it solves everything! Bored- boob, tired-boob, hungry-boob, upset-boob!

Bio – Hello everyone, I’m Emily and this is my little person Beatrix (or Buzzy as we like to call her). We’ve now been boobing for 16 months, and I am so grateful! We had tongue tie to begin with but to be honest it definitely wasn’t the physical side of breastfeeding I found difficult but the impact emotionally.
I was breastfed till I was 3, and my mum always said how wonderful, easy and magical it was so I naturally expected the same for my journey! However Bea was a fussy feeder, frequently rejecting feeds or not feeding for long periods of time like most of my friends “booby monsters”. I found this very challenging and spilled many tears about why my journey was as peaceful and relaxing as all those other mummies (turns out she was frequently overtired and hyper-stimulated and once I sorted that out we were fine!)
Bea was/ is a small baby. It frequently knocked my confidence and made me question my milk making ability when people told me how petite she was, and I constantly wondered if I was enough (I am and she’s just going to be small like me!)
I had wonderful support from this group, my mum and a close friend who shared with me her “don’t give up on a bad day” mantra which really saw us through the tougher times, and now I want to support others as I am so passionate about breastfeeding!
When we’re not boobing we love being outdoors, walking our dog, LOTS of messy play and our cloth nappies. I’m going to be hosting a monthly meet at Thetford Children’s Centre so I hope you can come and join me soon. I love baking so I am hoping to bring along some homemade treats (requests welcome!)

Emily Scully

Emily ScullyHost, West

Name and Role – Emily, host

Location – West Norfolk

Length of time Breastfeeding – I breastfed my first for 13 months and am currently breastfeeding my 16 week old.

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – There are so many things I love about breastfeeding, but one of my absolute favourites is when your little one pulls off the breast mid feed to smile at you, that connection breastfeeding creates is one of the most incredible feelings a mum can ever experience. Worth every second of effort.

Bio – Hi! I’m Emily, I’ve recently moved from London to Hunstanton so that my husband and I can bring our boys up by the sea. (Nothing to do with the fact my mum lives here which means free babysitting )
I have a beautiful, determined, funny and sometimes infuriating 2yr old called Arthur and a super chunky, Velcro baby who is 3 months old called Connor.
I breastfed Arthur to 13 months when he self weaned. And am exclusively breastfeeding Connor. With Arthur we battled silent reflux for the first 5 months and Connor had tongue tie which was sniped at 8 weeks.
I wouldn’t have got past the first month feeding Arthur if it wasn’t for an incredible breastfeeding group I had close to me in London. The advice, solidarity and hugs I received from them kept me going and if I could pass on even just a little of what they gave me I’d be really happy. Which is why I am so pleased to join BMM!
I’m currently on mat leave from my job as a lead project manager for a publishing house in London. I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of wonderful mamas and helping them to feed their babies for as long as is right for them

Jayne Murdoch

Jayne MurdochEast, Host

Name and Role – Jayne, Locality Head Host for the East and host

Location – East Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – Twins for 7 months and now 3 years and counting!

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – That no matter how upset, tired or grumpy my daughter is, milky will always make the situation calm again.

Bio – Hello Mumma’s! I’m Jayne, a 27 year old, stay at home mum to my 3 children. Harry and Joey are twins and they are 8 and my daughter Chloe is 3. Chloe and I are still on our breastfeeding journey! I never imagined I’d “still” be breastfeeding, but it’s a beautiful bond that I share with my daughter and there’s no end in sight!
When my boys are at school, Chloe and I love socialising, so we try to attend a baby group daily and meet new people. If I ever get 5 minutes peace, I try to tackle the never ending housework! Haha kidding, i’ll put my feet up and binge on food and Netflix!
I absolutely love being a host for B.M.M. in East Norfolk. I have a monthly meet at Gorleston Library, at which I’ve met so many lovely mum’s and their babies. My meets are mainly social but they’re also for breastfeeding peer support. And if i can’t answer your questions, I can signpost you to where you can get the right help.
I’m really passionate about breastfeeding; i breastfed my twins for 8 months and I am proud to be breastfeeding my daughter at 3.5 years! I’d love to make a difference by helping mothers to be informed about the huge benefits of breastfeeding before they may turn it down. Despite breastfeeding being natural, it certainly isn’t easy. And breastfeeding in public can be daunting too. I like to think my meets are a safe haven for breastfeeding mum’s. The staff at Gorleston Library are really encouraging of breastfeeding and have comfortable sofas to sit on in the childrens library! My meets are a happy, friendly and stress-free zone, perfect for meeting like minded mum’s and hopefully creating friendships between the mothers as well as the children. If anyone has a suggestion of where we could hold a meet or just wants to chat about breastfeeding then please send me a message I look forward to meeting you!

Jessy Baker

Jessy BakerHost, North

Name and Role – Jess, host

Location – North Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – In all I’ve been breastfeeding on and off for 9 years

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – I love the Bonding, the feeling of closeness, being able to soothe and console, the power that comes from within from knowing what I can truly achieve, the new friends that I have found through breastfeeding support and of course seeing my children thrive.

Bio – Hi my name is Jess I have three daughters age 9,6 and 3 and a one year old son. I have breastfed all of my children but this hasn’t always been an easy ride ,my first seemed hungry all the time and I suffered very sore and chapped nipples due to her teething extremely early without breastfeeding support groups I really feel I would have given up, it was amazing to be around other women who were experiencing the same and speaking to other mums that had been there helped so much! With my third I experienced anti natal depression and again found the breastfeeding support groups amazing and of course the support of the perinatal team were amazing! My son suffered with tongue tie which I had never experienced before and talking to other mums I really supported as it was a worrying time with little one not gaining weight as quickly as expected. I decided to join Breast feeding mum meets as I knew the importance of the existence of these groups through all my breastfeeding journeys and I really wanted to support other mums. Every breastfeeding journey is different, and we are all still learning every day. Nobody knows what to expect and I fully support making it a norm to feed in public. I have experienced a lot of difficulties, but the rewards are so amazing!

Lily Rossie

Lily RossieHost, Norwich and Outskirts

Name and Role – Lily, host

Location – Norwich and Outskirts

Length of time breastfeeding – 2 years and counting

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – the bond ❤ the cuddles and the cakes

Bio – Hi I’m Lily, mum to Loës (10 months). I moved from France to the UK 10 years ago. I settled down here after meeting my other half. Initially, I didn’t want to breastfeed & hubby urged me to educate myself. I did & agreed to “try & only up to 6 months”. Loës was unexpectedly born at 31 weeks & spent 32 days on NICU. Nothing wrong with her following the dramatic delivery but I then had the challenge to express around the clock. Expressing aside, our journey has been an easy one & 10 months later, she’s still mostly breastfed. I would like to support other mothers as I can relate to the beautiful challenge that is breastfeeding & help them being more knowledgeable in their feeding choice. When I’m not breastfeeding, I hula hoop, sew, love to walk in the woods or by the sea & can’t wait to adopt a new cat. I will be hosting meets in Norwich city centre!

Lucy Harper

Lucy HarperHost, South

Name and Role – Lucy, host

Location – South Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – About 28 months in total – I stopped just after 14 months for both girls.

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – the cuddles that came with it

Bio – I’m Lucy Harper, I have two lively girls, Rachel who’s 4 and Lauren is 21 months and I’m a stay at home mum. I grew up in Norfolk and moved to Diss 5 years ago, after a few years working (and finding my husband!) in London. We love getting out in the countryside with the girls and I’m so lucky to have family nearby to help out.
I fed both girls for around 14 months and on the whole loved it, but we definitely had our struggles, particularly in the early days with Rachel. We had amazing support along the way from midwives, friends and family, a breastfeeding support ‘cafe’ in Diss and a local mums Facebook group (I didn’t find out about BMM until too late!), and it made all the difference.
As the girls are getting a bit older, I have a little more time and would love to try to make that difference to other mums. I’m really excited to be planning new regular meets in Diss in the new year!

Penelope Severo

Penelope SeveroHost, South

Name and Role – Penelope, host

Location – South Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – I’ve been breastfeeding for 3.5years over two children.
Favourite thing about breastfeeding – an excuse to eat extra cake! Oh and the bonding cuddles!

Bio – Hi everyone!
I’m Penelope. I’m a 27yr old stay at home mum to my two children, Arthur 3 and Tabatha 18m, both of which are still feeding! We live on a farm and have lots of lovely animals to keep us busy, it definitely helps keep the children entertained as they are both absolutely wild but I wouldn’t have it any other way
I never thought I’d be a mum to human babies as my love has always been caring for animals but here I am! I didn’t plan on breastfeeding but once I had Arthur in my arms it was a natural feeling, i had over supply with Arthur so I was able to donate lots of milk to the milk bank when Arthur was a baby. Unfortunately it wasn’t as straight forward with Tabatha as we had quite a few issues to over come, tongue tie being one of them but we’re still going strong and long may it continue.
I feel quite passionate about breastfeeding and I’d love nothing more than to help support mums on their magical journeys helping in which ever way is needed or just eat cake and have a chat!
We live in Suffolk near harleston/halesworth/Bungay, there aren’t so many meet locations near by so if you have any ideas of places let me know! I look forward to meeting you all

Rachel Davis

Rachel DavisHost, Norwich and Outskirts

Name and role – Rachel, host

Location – Norwich and Outskirts

Length of breastfeeding – Baby 1 -10 days (really struggled and had no support)
Baby 2 – 10 months (he self weaned)
Baby 3 – 18 months (started refusing feeds found I was pregnant)
Baby 4 – now nearly 15 months and still feeding regularly

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – the time I get to spend with my babies! The midnight cuddles that are all mine just me and baby!! The bond is amazing and the extra cake and biscuits is just a bonus

Bio – Hello. I’m Rachel mum of 4! Two girls age 9 and 3 and two boys age 6 and 1. I breast fed all of them and had a very different journey every time! From only feeding baby 1 for only 10 days. My 2nd little one fed until 10 months and self weaned he completely lost interest, I was gutted as wasn’t ready to stop myself. my 3rd fed till 18 months and stopped suddenly one day started turning her nose up. I then found out I was expecting baby no.4. my now 1 year old is still feeding like a trooper! We’ve managed to overcome a few hurdles along the way and had totally different experiences each time. I love to bake all types of cakes and treats and like think of my self as a kind caring person. I’ve join BMM as want to help other mummies and mummies to be have successful breastfeeding journeys of there own. Sadly due to experience that not always the right support is on offer I want to offer my support to anyone that needs it. I will be holding meets around the nr5 area of the city and look forward to meeting you all

Sarah Green

Sarah GreenHost, Norwich and Outskirts

Name and Role – Sarah, breastfeeding after loss host

Location – Wherever I am needed

Length of breastfeeding – 3yrs, 3 months

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – the boost to the immune system it gives baby, and the protection from SIDs.

Bio – I’m Sarah, known as Sa Greenious on facebook, mum of two lads. I spend a ridiculous amount of time crocheting. I like superhero comics, reading and I’m doing my best to reduce our plastic waste.My first boy was born at term in 2014, 2 days after he had died. When we fell with our second I was determined to breastfed, and we fed until he was 3 years 3 months. We had an interesting time of it – small mouth/big boob issues, mastitis, pain, vasospasm, slow weight gain, tongue tie (cut at 5.5 months), stopping feeding then relactating, and aversion. It wasn’t easy but I was scared to stop. Now I really miss it!I was (still am!) so furious at the lack of quality, useful, breastfeeding information given ante-natally I decided I wanted to support other parents, especially those also breastfeeding after a loss, so here I am!

Shannon Potter

Shannon PotterEast, Host

Name and Role – Shannon, host

Location – East Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – All together 3 years.

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – Knowing I’m giving my baby the most natural thing I can.

Bio – Hey, I’m Shannon. I’m a mum to two little girls – Maddison 3 & Darcie 19 months. I fed Maddison until she was 16 months until I dried up due to pregnancy and I’m currently still feeding Darcie with no end in sight. She’s my last baby so I plan to just enjoy it while it lasts as I’m definitely going to miss it when it comes to an end. For me breastfeeding mum meets groups have been invaluable to me, not only for breastfeeding support but to get out the house and socialise – I’ve met some lovely friends by attending these meets. I’m very passionate about breastfeeding as not only does it provide all the goodness my baby needs it provides them with comfort. I’m hoping to be able to provide a calm, non-judgemental group for all mums that would like to come along to share experiences, support each other and have a good natter. I’m a new host to breastfeeding mum meets so I’m yet to host my first meet, but I plan to hold regular meets at Bradwell library. I really look forward to meeting some of you Mums & babies. Happy boobing!!

Susie Heritage

Susie HeritageHost, South

Name and Role – Susie, host

Location – South Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 19 months so far

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – It’s the most cheap, convenient and eco-friendly food ever!

Bio – Hi! I’m Susie and I’m Mum to my 19 month old, Theo. He’s a non-sleeping, non-stop, independent bundle of energy and I spend most of my time stopping him killing himself! Breastfeeding gives us both a much-needed rest, although these days he’s only interested in it when he’s tired. We were lucky enough to have a physically easy breastfeeding journey, and he’s always latched and gained weight well. But emotionally and mentally I have found it much harder (mainly lack of sleep, not being able to have a break, always ‘touched out’) and I suffered from PND when he was younger. I’m very grateful to BMM for being a virtual shoulder to cry on many times. I live in Wymondham so am planning to organise at monthly meet here. Theo and I love being outside so we will hopefully organise some outdoor meets too.

Tessa Parish

Tessa ParishHost, South

Name and Role – Tessa, host

Location – South Norfolk

Length of time breastfeeding – 4 yrs 8 months (and still going) with eldest. 1 yr 6 months (and still going) with youngest.

Favourite thing about breastfeeding – its ability to stop tears in an instant.

Bio – Hello, I’m Tessa – Mummy to 4.5 year old Seb and 1.5 year old Barney. Both boys were IVF babies from the same round, born 3 years apart. I fed Seb through the IVF treatment for my second pregnancy and continued to dry nurse through pregnancy when my supply had dried up. I experienced a lot of nursing aversion and pain throughout pregnancy. When Barney was born I began my tandem feeding journey. Feeding an older child helped me through the engorgement of the early days and also helped Seb adjust to being a big brother. I found the first weeks or Barney’s life very tough as he seemed to be a high needs baby. It was then that I attended my first BMM meet and received some really useful advice and support. I have since been a regular attendee, usually just for the cake and chat! I decided to become a host in order to help and support other mums. I am still feeding both boys (Seb just once a day at bedtime) and don’t anticipate the end to either journey being soon. I hope to see you at one of my meets soon!

The Treehouse

The TreehouseNorth

Treehouse – My name is Rachel Forsyth and I am co-director of The Treehouse Café in Holt. My business partner, Lorna Berry, and I have taken over and completely recreated the building that was once Holt Children’s Centre We opened on the 24th February as a Community Café; serving tea and coffee, cakes, pastries and lunches. We have a community kitchen garden that will grow produce and be a place to sit and relax after a little work. We are also running groups and workshops for all ages. We already have free children’s music groups, baby yoga, art sessions and story sessions with many more planned! The health team will be using the building and we will offer baby self weigh in a relaxed setting. I am an ABM trained Mother Supporter about to undergo my breastfeeding counsellor training and hold a popular ‘breastfeeding chat and support’ on Friday mornings (now called boob club!) from 11-12. I have personal experience of four very different breastfeeding journeys. Our comfy ‘living room’ area is reserved weekly and it provides a friendly, safe space for breastfeeding mums to get together, chat and share experiences. I have chatted to some lovely mamas already and watching them continue their chats after our group had finished makes my very happy indeed.