Breastfeeding Mum Meets is a registered charity hosting meets all over Norfolk County UK at specially selected venues, providing support for mums and opportunities to socialise with other like minded women in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

Our goals are to raise awareness and promote the benefits of breastfeeding whilst helping Norfolk mums on their journey

We are all volunteers, from those organising and hosting meets, to those offering online support and helping with media, to our founder who started it all. All hosts have breastfed or are still breastfeeding our children, and all volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some perhaps found a lack of support with their own journey and want to help other, some received such great support they wanted to pass along the love.

About Breastfeeding Mum Meets

Meets & Events

Your breastfeeding journey should NEVER be a lonely one.

Find out about our latest meets across Norfolk where we offer support and guidance to mothers and mothers-to-be. Visit our “meets” page to see a map of our sessions across the county.


NipAdvisor is a up-to-date list of breastfeeding friendly venues in Norfolk recommended by our members.

As a breastfeeding mum you are entitled to feed your baby in any public space, but we know that negative experiences can impact on your breastfeeding journey. Some venues to an amazing job of going above and beyond simply ‘allowing’ you to stay.

Who's talking

A selection of articles written by hosts, members and professionals in the industry; covering topics people don’t necessarily talk about.